Brisbane Wedding Photographer
Brisbane Wedding Photographer, Destination Weddings, Couples, Engagements, Commitment Ceremonies
Brisbane Wedding Photographer, Destination Weddings, Couples, Engagements, Commitment Ceremonies
Brisbane Commitment Ceremonies, Weddings, Engagements

How far in advance should I book?

I recommend at least 6 months in advance to avoid missing out.  I do take shorter notice bookings if the date is available.


What equipment do you use?

My primary camera is a Canon 5DMKIV, I also use a Fuji XT2 which is a bit more inconspicuous and far less intimidating which makes it perfect for all those natural, candid photos.  I can also shoot on color or black n white film.

How much do you charge?

Please fill in the form on my contact page to receive a price list. Here you will find the packages I offer. Custom packages are also available for special requirements.

I'm getting married in a far away location. Will you travel?

Yes. I will get on a plane, train or automobile to reach wherever you will be.

My pricing includes travel within a  60min drive radius of Brisbane (this includes most locations around the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast). Any locations further than this will incur an extra charge. If you are unsure please let me know your details for a quote.

Will you travel internationally?

Yes. I am available for all destination weddings. I love unique locations and travel

How many photos will I get?

It's about quality, not quantity. Would you prefer 1000 average photos? Or 100 excellent ones?

It also depends on if you would like me to shoot a full day, or partial day. On average for a full day shoot I would say about 200-300 high end edited photos.

Can you just give me all the raw files and I will edit them myself?

Unfortunately not. Capturing the photos isn't the end of the photography process, editing them is just as important. Any photographer's style is equally defined by both their ability to capture the image as well as how they develop/process/edit them. I shoot all my photography in RAW format to achieve the highest possible quality in the end.

Do you do digital or prints?

My packages all include high resolution, magazine quality edited photos. In such a digital age, most clients prefer to have digital photos. However, I still love the idea of prints, and these are either available individually or as part of a coffee table book.

How long before I receive my photos?

Usually between 2-4 weeks. Special album/book orders may take a tiny bit longer.

Can we meet in person before I make a decision?

Of course. I actually think its a must do. I like to meet all my clients to get a sense of who they are and to listen to their story of their journey as a couple. This helps to achieve more unique and personal images. I also believe when choosing any photographer that you feel comfortable with them.


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